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My time as a Head of Design in the Fab Lab Santiago lasted 1.5 years. Some of my overall responsibilities were managing a team of 4 designers, conducting workshops in Design Thinking, and instructing people the use of digital machines (3D Printers, CNC Machine, Laser Cutter).
During this period, I collaborated on different projects. These included product design and management for the brand Maquinario, developing a chair for kids with down syndrome to support their posture while eating and mapping the bike lines of Santiago with sensors. Collectively, we organized the 13th Fab Lab world encounter, we did multiple projects with the Chilean Government and executed various interventions in Santiago with urban furniture.

At the same time, together with Daniela Lalanne -Design Director of the brand Maquinario- we developed three product collections with fifteen designers from Chile and Mexico. The collaboration with talented designers enabled us to instruct them with our framework, implement design thinking workshops, and co-design the production process.

While in Chile, I wrote about challenging Ego as a designer. An essay that invites everyone to use their personal agency and professional practice to grow collectively. This essay was published at EmergeMx, a nonprofit project focused on design education with a focus on criticism, research, and the generation of design community. 

Additionally, my experience in the Fab Lab Santiago enabled me to collaborate with Carlos Sfeir, Lucas Margotta, and Diego Gajardo. Together we developed the project COmer, which won a Lexus Design Award in Japan. The challenge was to design a proposal with the Latin prefix ’CO-,’ which means together or in balance.
The project COmer questions, what are the elements that ignite team building? What are the basic rituals that unite us as human beings?

More information about this project here: https://kalebcardenas.mx/comer

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